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2016-2017 Season Lineup

Empty Nest

A Original Comedy

by PJ Gassman

Directed By

Travis Kopp

September 15-25

Rated  AG

Night Watch

A Thriller by Lucille Fletcher

Directed By

Zac Marquart

October 27-November 6, 2016

Rated PSC

Little Women 

A Musical by Knee, Howland & Dickstein

Based on the novel by Lousia May Alcott

Directed By Alexis McCullough

December 8-18

Rated WF

Click on any of the show posters or titles below to learn more about it.  Please keep in mind that we take our rating system seriously, so make sure you take note of the rating.

Julius Caesar

A Drama by William Shakespeare

Adapted and Directed By

Travis Kopp

March 16-26, 2017

Rated PSC

Kiss Me Kate

A Musical by Cole Porter, Sam and Bella Spewack

Directed By

Charles W. Hupp

May 4-14, 2017

Rated AG


A Youth Musical by Flaherty & Ahrens

Based on the works of Dr. Seuss

Directed By

Gladys Haney

July 13-23

Rated WF

Fairy Tale Courtroom

A Comedy by Dana Proulx

Directed By

Thom Ogilvie

February 2-12, 2017

Rated WF



A Comdey by Neil Simon

Directed By

Tim Smith

August 17-27, 2017

Rated MA

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